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With CM busy chasing opposition on bulldozer, jungle raj prevails in UP: Akhilesh Yadav.

Lucknow, with Uttar Pradesh Chief minister yogi Adityanath left chasing the opposition on a bulldozer, the kingdom has been caught inside the " grip of anarchy and jungle raj" Samajwadi party Akhilesh Yadav made the allegations inside the wake up five individual of a circle of relatives determined useless in their home in Prayagraj district except a person killing his wife in a brawl and every other guy being achieved to demise close to his home in three separate incidents there on Friday night.

He additionally accused the nation government of shielding criminals while dubbing the leader minister's zero -tolerance of crime restricted to "Uttar Pradesh is within the grip of anarchy and jungle raj. This has been the state of affairs for the ultimate 5 years with his hand at the steerage of a bulldozer, the chief minister is chasing the opposition whilst criminals included by way of power are weaking havoc outdoor." Yadav stated in a statement the crook factors enjoying the kingdom's protection are wearing out incident without any hesitation, "he introduced. The delegation will reach Prayagraj on April 17 and meet the family contributors of the deceased, it added.

Referring to the incident, Akhilesh Yadav had in reputable said a initial probe indicated that the top of the own family killed it's other participants earlier than committing suicide.

Image source:- INDIA TODAY

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