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Maharashtra political Crisis update:Who will not attend meeting at CM house will have to face action

Maharashtra govt is in trouble as 46 MLA’s of shiv sena Including Eknath Shinde is on rebel mode and ready to get with BJP.

Shiv sena is in trouble as their 46 MLA’s are not receiving call and not in touch with party high command since Sunday. And now Eknath Shinde has said that is was saying from the beginning to to be alliance with BJP only. As their ideology is similar and shiv sena should never go with congress and NCP.

All MLA’s are in Gujrat and Guwahati and 46 MLA’s supporting Eknath Shinde to support BJP in forming govt in Maharashtra.

In the meanwhile Congress leader Kamal nath said that CM was very clam and in no worries as there is no proposal to dissolve the assemble till now. And according to him there is no need to worry as everything is in their control. Lets See now what will happens next. As Eknath has also book almost every room in Radisson blu of Guwahati. And also called a meeting of all rebel MLA's.

Image source:- INDIA TODAY

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