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Mithun Chakrborty seeks votes for younger sister Agni Mitra, contests against TMC’s Shatrughan Sinha

Bollywood start and BJP leader Mithun chakrborty on Saturday sought votes for his younger sister Agni Mitra after a gap of one year in his campaign in West Bengal. TMC candidate Shatrughan Sinha is pitted against Agni Mitra. Mithun told the residents of Asan that Agni Mitra was his younger sister and that unlike some others Agni became a politician by fashion designer. mithun appealed to the residents to vote for the party candidate Agni Mitra Paul in the upcoming by- election in the Lok Sabha constituency.

Mithun said everyone has left my side in every hour of trouble but Agni has always supported me. She has been with me in ever situation. Tell Mithun passionately, when she does so much for me, why won't she help the people of her Asansol Lok Sabha which no less then her family for her. West Bengal spokesperson Samik Bhattacharya said Mithun do had campaigned for party candidates in last year's assembly elections facing the heat and humidity.

Mithun who has done hundreds of films in his 10 to long career , recently appeared in a special role in this movie. Bhattacharya said that the people vote for his younger sister which we very happy. Trinamool congress spokesperson Kunal Ghosh said Agni Mitra is more likely to lose both the Lok Sabha seat and the Baaliganj assembly Constituency.

Image credit:- DNA India

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