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Malvika, Sonu sood's sister joins congress ahead of punjab polls

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Sonu sood's sister, Malvika sood joined congress ahead of polls and said that she joins politics to as a medium to serve people and dedicated herself for people.

Punjab polls is going to happen on 14th feb and results will be announced on 10th March. Malvika is going to contest elections from congress party in punjab.

Navjot Singh Sidhu said "its a game changer for them as people like malvika will help punjab to be in a better place . She will campaign with congress and they are absolutely going to form government in punjab for sure".

Sonu sood has done a lots of good work in covid crisis that might benefits her sister. People in India is treating Sonu Sood as a god nowadays. In covid he send many people home safely and also given food, shelter and treatment to the needful ones.


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