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Whatsapp forwarded links might be a cyber fraud trap: Police Department.

When you open a link forwarded on whatsapp in a movie of new movie or song of video might be cyber fraud trap.

There has been several cases where phones have been hacked from remote locations and user have known that only after there accounts have been emptied. So be aware of these kind of fraud whatsapp forwards.

Noida police deputy commissioner have given this information to the media that these kinds of cases has been seen nowadays. There could be a whatsapp forward in a name of the Kashmir files movie download links, and that link is a malware. That allows your phone data to be accessed remotely and all your contacts and files and app logins can be accessed remotely . And using your phone and data hackers manages to get money from your account.

Numbers of complaints have been register to the policy department that their account has been emptied. And after investigation police has find that these frauds have been used by accessing their phone remotely and they did this using whatsapp links in the name of recent movie.

So Please save yourself from these frauds and do not open any kind of fraud links like these. A few clicks can take your life savings.

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