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Upcoming Netflix: Kapil sharma's I m not done yet

Good News for Kapil sharma's fans, Kapil sharma is coming up with a new netfilx show releasing on 28th jan and the special is named Kapil sharma: I'm not done yet.

Yes from a small town boy to a big shot celeb in Mumbai, Kapil has proved everyone that he has achieved what he has dreamt off. And now he is up with a new special on netflix now and as the title of the special, he is not done yet. We have seen kapil's journey from laughter show to kapil sharma's show to his movie kis kis ko pyar kru and now his special on netfilx, We think there is lots more to come from him for his fans.

If you don't has a Netflix subscription then Get one as soon as possible because he is coming on 28th of jan to make you laugh as crazy. His special's trailer is out on youtube go and check it out.

Image credit:- @KapilSharmaK9

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