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The Kashmir files- The truth of a kashmiri pandit is now on screens for the first time 30 years.

The movie which is not being promoted on few shows for a reason that it is not a good movie or box office movie to promote. Now this movie is breaking various records on box office. Not only that, this movie has not got huge number of screen in the start but due to house full collection of shows. Now this movie is getting number screen increased day by day.

The reviews of this movie is that almost every one is saying that no one has seen a movie like this before. No one has known this bitter truth of Kashmir. This movie has shown that Kashmiri pandits have lived a very painful life in last 32 years. This movie has also shown that how Political parties and govt of that time has left Kashmiri pandits to died.

The director of this movie Vivek Agnihotri has not only directed this movie by has also he is the writer for this movie himself. The actors have done a fabulous work Anupam Kher, Dharshan Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty and Pallavi Joshi has done an exceptional work.

The reaction of Kashmiri pandits after watching this movie is that , Now someone has shown the real pain of Kashmiri pandits.

But the bitter truth is that after 32 years still Kashmiri pandits have not been restored in Kashmiri again. Lets hope for the best that some day they get their homes back and can live in peace and harmony.

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