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Sri Lanka crises: Over 600 protests arrested for violating nationwide curfew in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka never been in such economics crisis , that led people to get on streets.

More than six hundred people were arrested in the country's was region on Sunday for organizing anti- government rallies in Sri Lanka for violating curfew and creating a dire economic situation. Opposition MPs led by Premadasa, including their leader, had stared a protest march at the historic crossroads her for violation of weekend curfew by the government.

Premadasa said that we are protesting against the Promulgation of public safety ordinance by the government for the violation of the right of the public related to protest. The government organized a pre- planned program of protest weekend curfew. A Nationwide curfew was declared a head of the proposed Arab Spring-style protest on Sunday. A total of 664 persons were arrested in the Western Province on Sunday, according to a report published in the columbo Gazat president. Gotabaya Rajapakshe issued a special notifications late on Friday night imposing a state of emergency in Sri Lanka from April 1.

Image credit :- NDTV

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