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'RRR' thousand crores came on the third Saturday of evening with 80 percent Jump.

Director S S Rajamouli's film RRR has set a new record for worldwide gross on the third Saturday. 16 day it's release Saturday's collection has increased more than Friday's and the film has taken the guest third place in Indian cinema having collected more than thousand crores at the box office worldwide. The Hindi collection of the film has reached the magical figure of 250 crores.

This miracle film has shown at box office only 16 days and in the meantime news is also coming that the American box office has earned a total of Rs. 100 crores. On the third Saturday of the film's release, the film has earned more than previous day, earning about 17 crores. Even the filmmakers did not expect the collection of the film to be so high in 1 day. The film RRR Hindi Version also appeared to be gaining strength again at the end of the third week. The film has registered a jump of 60 Percent in the Hindi version as compared to the previous day. The net collection of the film is Hindi has crossed 222 crores. It is believed that the figure will be successful in touching 250 crores rupees. On the other hand, the film has earned 100 crores of the box office in the US across Saat Samandar. Prior in this, Rajamouli's film Bahubali 2 had earned 136 crores rupees and Amir Khan's film Dangal released in 2017 had earned around 81 crores and has make it to the third place.

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