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Maharashtra's former Home Minister Anil Deshmukh was taken into custody for 100 Crore Recovery

Maharashtra's former Home Minister Anil Deshmukh was taken into custody, by the CBI today. Anil Deshmukh has been taken into custody by CBI for questioning in the connection with the recovery of 100 crores. The CBI will present him and from the Arthur Road Jail to the special court in a while. Earlier PA Kundan Shinde and PS Sanjeev Palande of Anil Deshmukh have also been taken the CBI in their custody for questioning.

CBI also took the sacked police officer from Taloja jail in its custody. All these people started interrogating anil Deshmukh along with them came the forming taking custody. But in the meantime, Deshmukh's health deteriorated. when he fell in the bathroom, he was taken to J J Hospital in Mumbai. He got his shoulder surgery done and after that tomorrow he was discharged j j hospital today CBI caught him.

Former commissioner Param Veer Singh was accused of collecting taxes on Anil Deshmukh. He had written a letter to chief minister Udhav Thackrey, alleging that the home minister, was misusing the officers and restaurants and bars of Mumbai to recover 100 crores and had to resign the post of this home minister after the allegation. Anil Deshmukh had sacked commissioner Param Veer Singh for not handling the case of placing an explosive-laden vehicle outside Antilia the house of famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani, and the death of the owner of that vehicle. After this param veer had accused Anil Deshmukh of extortion of 100 crores and after all the investigation came out in the open and CBI too Deshmukh into custody.

Image source:- thehindu

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