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India's streak is still on - India wins 3-0 vs Sri Lanka

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Indian team continues its non-breakable streak of clean sweeps. India wins by 3-0 with Sri Lanka.

After Rohit became captain of the Indian Cricket Team. India is on a clean sweep mode, they win by 3-0 against Sri Lanka. Tomorrow they played their last match in Dharamshala(India).

After Rohit had taken over Virat , India wins three continuous T20 series. First, they won 3-0 against Newzealand, then they won against West Indies by 3-0, and now Sri Lanka.

Indian team is currently in No 1 position right now on the ICC ranking list. Indian team has bounced back very well after they lost in the world cup against Pakistan and New Zealand. After they won three consecutive matches but they could not make it into the semi-finals.

Image source:- @BCCI

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