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IIT Lucknow Student received a salary package of 1.2 crores from Amazon, which is the Highest

Abhijeet Dwivedi has been appointed as a Software development engineer for Amazon in Dublin Ireland. Abhijeet who is in his final year of B.Tech in IT. He has shattered all previous placements, records with a shocker. He has got a package of 1.2 crores annually. He is a native of Prayagraj. He told that software skills have helped him a lot in interviewing. He told me to a lot watch videos to prepare myself for the interview.

He believes that software skills also matter a lot that technical knowledge is not enough. Communication skills and body language are equally important for engineering graduate children. Abhijeet shares some tips for other graduate students to get such placements. Abhijeet told tha to get a good job, one has to work something, keep in touch with your seniors know about job opportunities. He has advised the students to create a profile on the employment portal. It has been a tremendous year for IIIT Lucknow not only because of Abhijeet's break of record package but also because the Institute was successful in getting 100℅ placements for its students Apart from his the average this year was 26 lakhs per annum. That the director Dr. Arun Mohan Sheri said that we are going in the right direction.

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