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Good news for Groww : CEO of Microsoft joins as a investor and advisor

Yes, Now CEO of Microsoft satya nadella has joined groww as a investor and advisor.

CEO of groww has tweeted and welcomed microsoft CEO satya nadella in groww also said that groww gets one of the best CEO of the world as a investor and advisor and he is thrilled

to have him in their team.

He also mentioned that now they are together looking for a financially accessible India very soon.

As we all known that groww has raised around 1885 crores as funding in October 2021.

top most investor of groww are Tiger global, rabbit capital, YC continuity and propel vantures.

Groww provides user to invest in stokcs, Mutual funds and gold exchange .

Users review about this app is very good,as user said that its very user friendly and easy to interact. And they have a very good experience using this app.

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