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Good News!! Air India Flyers have special audio announcement

New Audio announcement ,new food menu and many more in-flight services for the maharaja flyers as tata group returns with air india after 7 decades.

Air India has been auctioned and won by tata group and after a long again tata group is with air india group and ready to serve the nation. As Air india been associated with tata group, flyers were very amazed and happy because the trust that tata group has in the country.

After a long wait finally air india has a audio accnounment that is "Good Morning... Welcome aboard this historic flight, which marks a special event. Today, Air India officially becomes a part of the Tata Group again, after seven decades. We look forward to serving you on this and every Air India flight with renewed commitment and passion. Welcome to the future of Air India! We hope you enjoy the journey. Thank You," this is the audio announcement.

Lets hope for the best and hope for many more surprises from the Air India (TATA GROUP).

Image credit:- @airindiain

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