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First BrahMos Order placed by Philippines:$374-Million contract Approved.

Philippines has approved $374 million budget contract approval for BrahMos supersonic cruise missile system. This is the also first order of this highly intelligence system missile system that is completely made in India. India is also in words with few other south eastern asian countries for the sale of this highly advance missile system.

Indian research team is enhancing the capability day by day and making their idol Late Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sahab very proud. His vision to make Indian defense self dependent is going on the same way he planned.

The range for Brahmos is around 290 Kms and it is capable of being launched from sea ,sub sea and land also . It can go air surface and sea surface also. This missile features MTCR(Missile Technology Control Regime. Developer Team is going to extend the range of this missile to 45okm to 600 kms in up coming stages.

Indonesia Defense is also in talks with India for planning to order Brahmos missile defense system.

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