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Elon musk places a hostile bid to take over twitter company responds

It came as a shocker when musk refused to sign up for the board 5 days after a miles publicized welcome with the aid of Agrawal on Twitter. The twitter CEO did not monitor exact purpose in the back of the musk not joining the board however stated that he might stay their largest shareholder and the agency would constantly bro open to his enter Tesla CEO Elon musk has supplied to buy one hundred percent of twitter for $54.20 according to share in coins. Musk has supplied to buy one hundred percent of twitter for$54.20 according to share in coins. Musk stated in a submitting with U.S. securities and exchange Commission on Thursday that twitter has "high quality ability" and he wants to free up it. Hange commission on Thursday. The Twitter has "incredible capacity" and he desires to release it.

Responding to the matter, Twitter said, "The Twitter board of directors will cautiously review to notion to the determine the direction of movement that it believes is inside the best interest of the company and all Twitter stockholders "

I invested in Twitter as I consider in its capacity to be the platform without cost speech around the word, and I trust free speech in a societal vital for a functioning democracy. However for the region that making my funding, I know recognize the business enterprise will neither. "Modern form Twitter wishes to be converted as a personal organization ", musk said inside the SEC filings.

I am presenting to buy one hundred in line with cent of Twitter for $54.20 in step with percentage in coins, a 54 according to cent top rate over the day earlier than I commenced investing in Twitter and a 38 in keeping with cent premium over the day before my funding changed into publicly announced.

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