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Dubai Travel Guide:- Vacation in the land of Sheikh’s

Dubai is most beautiful city in the middle east to plan for a vacation. Glamours holiday plan in Dubai is waiting for you and family. Dubai is famous for lots of things like Burj Khalifa, Dubai mall and the famous Dessert safari.

Palm Jumeirah is one of biggest attraction of Dubai, it is also one of the biggest manmade islands in the world. The high end hotels like Atlantis the Palm, Fairmount and one&only hotels are the beauty of that place.

Top Attractions in Dubai

· The Dubai Mall

· Burj Khalifa

· Burj Al Arab

· Palm Jumeirah

· The Dubai Fountain

· Dubai Miracle Garden

· Global Village

· Dubai Frame

· Dessert Safari with Dessert Dinner.

· Ski Dubai

· Museum of the Future

· Dolphin Bay

· Underwater Zoo

· Dubai Water canal

Top Foods to try in Dubai

  • Manousheh – Pizza Of Dubai

  • Iranian Sangak – One Of The Most Popular Dishes

  • Chelo Kebab – A Heavenly Taste

  • Al Harees – Taste The Tradition

  • Al Machboos – Surprisingly Delicious

  • Mandi – A Rendezvous With Tradition

  • Oozie – Ramadan Special

  • Tabbouleh – For Those Who Are Health Conscious

  • Kousa Mahshi – Taste The Classic Spices

  • Shirin Polo – For An Authentic Dining Experience

  • Baba Ganoush – An Epic Starter

  • Fatteh – All Things Good In One

  • Kellaj – A Cheesy Delight

  • Falafel – Prepared With Love

  • Fattoush – Healthy And Yummy

  • Madrouba – Healthy Food

  • Shish Tawook – Have It Like The Locals

  • Lahem Bl Ajin – The Arab Pizza

  • Taboon Bread – Not Just A Bread

  • Shawarma – The Popular Street Food Item

  • Samboosa – The Dish With A Twist

  • Oman Chips Roll – Childhood Favorite

  • Mahalabiya – Can’t Afford To Miss

  • Luqaimat – You Can’t Have Just One

  • Knafeh – Cheese Pastry Redefined

  • Khanfaroosh – For Teatime

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