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Best time to travel Ladakh in April may June and July

Everybody knows Ladakh is the most beautiful place on the earth. The two most highest Motorable passes known as Khardung La the highest one and Chang La the second highest one. Ladakh is also known as Mecca for the motorcycle riders.

There are three options to go to Leh, one is from Manali the other one is from Srinagar the last one is by taking flights from anywhere in the India. Manali and Srinagar route is not open in winter season. When you arrive late you should be resting for one day four accumulated issues. After one day you can plan your visits for the famous passes Khardung La and Chang La. You can also visit Pangong lake which is the biggest lake it’s around 200 kilometres the 40% of this lake is in India and the other 60% who’s in China. The famous movie three idiots has also been sought in Pangong lake. After Pangong lake you can visit magnetic hills which is also very attractive to tourists. You can go to the moon land which is near lamayuru monastery. You can see a lot of monasteries around Ladakh. You can also go to Leh palace which is also very beautiful place to visit. After this you should also visit Nubara valley where you can see sand dunes and a very rare species off camel of two humps which is only find in Nubara valley in India. The valley is very beautiful and you can feel natural beauty In this valley.

You can also address few of rivers In this valley. The famous Indian rivers like Indus and a few more in this valley. You should also visit famous Leh market and you can find the world famous pashmina Shawls in this market.

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