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Air India on a run to get students Back : War Update

As everyone is aware that Ukraine and Russia is going through a war. So Air India is flying frequently to get every Indian students back home from Ukraine.

Air India has been sent to Romania two flights late night to evacuate Indian students. One flight for Mumbai and other for New Delhi. And Air India is also in touch with Indian embassy and other neighboring countries of Ukraine to evacuate all medical students from Ukraine.

Although Air India is and Indian embassy is getting Students back from nearby border cities of Ukraine but Indian embassy is getting difficulty to get students trapped in kyiv city because there is bombing and firing from Russian amry is going on and the kyiv airport is also damaged and that is no fly zone and also marshal law is announced in kyiv and kharkyiv is in same position and facing heavy bomb.

The tension between both the countries is non going towards any end as russia is not in a mood to talk unless ukraine drops its arms and then only russia will talk this matter out. And ukraine is fighting is battle on their own as no help from NATO and UNSC till now.

Lets hope this war should end soon and pray for safety on citizens and peoples in ukraine.

India has also raised the safety concern of indian students in UNSC also.

Image souce:- Wix media

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