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Agniveer recruitment Update: Indian army announced recruitments to begun from July onwards

Despite heavy drama and violent protest in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and few more states of India. Joint Press conference of army, navy and air force has cleared that nothing is going to be changed in this rule and Agni veer program is going to start recruiting Agni veers from July onwards.

This new scheme has created a lots of debuts in India, According to this scheme only 25% of the candidates will continue their job after 4 years and 75% will be retired. So Now the young Indian’s wants the old format of the army recruitment to be continued. Because every is worried that after 4 years what will they do, How can they start a new means of earning and lots of more discussion is going on. Lets see want will happen next.

We urge everyone to not protest in a violent way, damaging our own national property is not a way to protest to our govt. we have seen a multiple incident in few days of burning trains and cars on the road. That will not going to help people keep their point on the govt.

Image source- Indian Army

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