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Is Rahul Gandhi rejected by congress?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

There is a huge difference between Rahul and Sonia Gandhi. Most of the opposition and many congress leaders agree on this. Sonia's decision are taken very seriously in the party on the other hand Rahul Gandhi is not that in the order of decision making .

In last year Rahul Gandhi resigned from congress party president post also,

and we have also witnessed that Maharaj of Bhopal Madhavrao Scindia also left the party and took Rahul's name for that reason. And later on he moves to BJP.

Also, we have seen Priyanka Gandhi supporting Rahul Gandhi in every election.

She is also know as little Indra in Uttar Pradesh.

We have not seen Rahul in campaigns of upcoming UP elections, and we are confused by this that congress is not in race of elections.

Image souce:-NDTV

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